Olivia Hodnett


Olivia Hodnett 

For the last nine years Olivia has been riding and competing in English, Cutting, Reigning, and Poles in a quite town just outside of Fort Worth, TX.  She currently owns three horses, the dynamic trio; Sandy, Bruce and Jess. Sandy, is currently in training while Bruce and Jess are currently helping Olivia to compete only in Barrels. 

Olivia was introduced to Barrels about three years ago and she hasn't looked back since discovering the thrill of the alleyway, the comradery of the community, and the endless support from family. 

She is now a part of BRAT (Barrel Racing Association of Texas) and her goal for the end of the BRAT season is to be Rookie of the Year. She is also a part of NBHA and wants to make it to NBHA Teen Worlds next summer and to one day, qualify for the Junior NFR in Las Vegas; and we here at, Rustic Nation Outfitters, pledge to support her every step of the way. 
One thing she has learned while barrel racing, is that you just can't give up; and while she is normally the quiet and shy type, she is learning to become more confident and bold through competing. 
When she is out of the arena you can find her active with her local church volunteering, tutoring and leading youth groups. Her compassion and love for Christ is no doubt the reason she thrives in all aspects of her life. The tenacity she shows along with a strong work ethic is one of the reasons she was chosen as an Ambassador. Not to mention, her fun loving and gentle spirit which brings a smile to everyone she meets. 
We are extremely blessed and proud to have her on the team and believe that this relationship will last a lifetime. 

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