Katie Lane



Katie Lane

Katie currently lives in a quiet town just outside of Jackson, TN where she manages the grocery department of a large box store. While her daily duties are over seeing the in's and out's of the dairy section, her mind can be known to drift on upcoming events such as the NFR, PBR and/or local Rodeo Events; her passion is all things western and rodeo.

She loves the outdoors and is known for always having a camera in hand, or at least readily available. Her sweet spirit captures your heart and is more than likely, the reason why she makes friends everywhere she goes. 

She is a fanatic when it comes to bull riding and we're told she can name the riders at just about any event she attends. We also hear that most riders can point her out in crowd as she has taken photos with each, as often as she can. 


Her favorite photo-op was with Chad Berger, a PBR Livestock Contractor. However, it wasn't because of his notoriety, it is because one day, Katie, hopes to own some PBR bucking bulls of her own.


While Katie can be more on the quiet side, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is as determined as they come, while remaining true to herself; this is one of the qualities that stood out to us during the Ambassador Search. We admired her tenacity and unwavering spirit of letting her character shine, time-and-time-again, through each eliminating round. 

We are extremely blessed to have such a kindhearted, friendly, and accepting person on our team. 


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