Cheryl Riis


 Cheryl Riis

Cheryl Riis, is a Canadian who ventured over to the lower forty-eight, twenty one years ago. She currently lives with her husband, Greg, in Michigan. Cheryl and Greg have been married for over thirty years and have three beautiful children together. When Greg, is off piloting planes, Cheryl finds herself taking care of the homestead along with visiting her new Granddaughter. While Cheryl's hobbies and daily responsibilities are endless, we wanted to take a moment to highlight only a few.

When Cheryl was a little girl she instantly fell in love with cows. She says that it is their big-wide eyes that makes her heart melt, and we couldn't agree more! Cheryl is also a huge PBR Fan; go ahead, ask her a question about a rider. Or better yet, ask her anything about Flint Rasmussen. We bet she'd blow your mind with the wealth of information she could provide!

See, Cheryl's brother-in law introduced her to the sport about three years ago and she hasn't look back since. As a matter of fact, she entered a contest to be Flint's side kick and won a trip to Vegas to watch him in action! Click the video below to take a peek!

It is not just the thrill of watching someone try to ride a 2,400lb Bull that got her hooked. Nope, it was the lifestyle behind the shoots, in the alleyways, and the pens that drew her in.

Just like most Rodeo Fans and Contestants, she too enjoys the camaraderie in and out of the arena. After attending numerous events she quickly found herself signing up for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to follow this new community; and boy, is she happy she did!

She has made numerous friends within the PBR World and Rodeo Lifestyle. We couldn't be happier because it lead her to our store over a year ago. She has been a loyal follower of all our media outlets and a customer as well. All of us here at the store, were excited to see her submit an application for the Ambassador Search; and even more so, when we saw the effort she put into each round!

As she continued to advance we learned that her spirit of positivity, encouraging heart and Christ like attitude was exactly what we needed! Not to mention, her sassy attitude that is filled with love and inspiration is the perfect fit to represent our brand.




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