Amanda Halstead


Amanda Halstead

Amanda Halstead and her husband are enjoying their newly said vows on their farm in Bridgeton, New Jersey. The two meet at a country line class and now they get to show off their dance moves at the local country clubs every chance they get.

When she is not tearing up the dance floor, she can be found walking the halls of the local hospital where she cares for numerous patients during her nursing shift. One of the things she loves most about her job is "Percepting new nurses and giving them encouragement. She also believes that "baby nurses are intimidated and need to learn that it's ok to speak up for their patients and to trust their instincts."

When she's not at work or out kicking up her heels, you can find her mucking out stalls, feeding her farm animals, or riding one of her beloved horses. Furthermore, she is active in Barrel Racing and is also sponsored by, Sundance Halters. While they are not currently seeking to sponsor anymore riders at this time, we highly suggest you look them up; as their product line is high quality with affordable prices, just like us. 


During the application process we learned a lot about Amanda and feel confident that we chose the right person to represent our brand. For example, Amanda, is currently back in school to obtain her BSN. because education is extremely important to her. It is for us also, as we firmly believe that education is the best gift anyone can give themselves.

She also has a kind, sweet, and gentle spirit that seems to uplift everyone she talks to. Not to mention, her smile makes you feel immediately at ease. She also has an incredible way of inspiring others while staying meek and humble. As you can see, it was a no brainier to choose her as an Official Ambassador.


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