Sierra Cain

 Sierra Cain
Sierra is currently attending sixth grade just outside of North Platte, Nebraska. When she's not hitting the books you can find her practicing at home for Barrel, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, and Goat Tying Events.
However, three times a week you won't find her doing any of the above. No, there is only one spot you can find this little power house, and that's at the dance studio where she works on her twirls, plié's, shuffles, lyricals, and stage presence. These skills are helping her to work towards becoming Nebraska's next Miss Rodeo Queen, one day. Her hard work is paying off too, as she has already been crowned Wilsonville's Jr. Rodeo Queen. 
Her hobbies include learning the piano, cello, trombone, and reading any book she can get her hands on. However, we're not sure when she has the time to fit this in her busy schedule; as she competes in some sort of event/pageant almost every weekend. 
One of Sierra's goals is to one day train horses, race barrels, and to rope professionally. We can see these coming to fruition too, as she is currently involved in 4H; which is providing her the stepping stones needed to make these goals obtainable. 
As you can clearly see, Sierra is highly motivated. However, this is not why we chose her to become one of our Ambassadors. Nope, it was the gentle spirit shown in her submission video and her tenacity to improve during each round, that caught our eye. Not to mention, her contagious smile that warms your heart. It was also her ability to communicate while inspiring others, that sealed the deal. She is excellent role model for her generation and we are extremely blessed to have her on the team.

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