Bonnie Farmer Hay


Bonnie Farmer Hay


Bonnie Farmer Hay lives in a quiet town near West Monroe, Louisiana with her husband and two children. This little firecracker, is hot for Jesus and thrives on visits with her parents. When she is not teaching a kickboxing class, she can be found packing a bag and hitting the highway off on another adventure. 

She travels all over the United States to support several non-profit organizations such as the Rider Relief Fund with the PBR or the Alzheimer's Association. Or she is down behind the shoots interviewing riders for the Pepper Stewart Show. In some cases, she is conquering all three at the same event. 

 While each have a special place in her heart, it is the Alzheimer's Association that sits the closest; as her Father is effected by the disease. 

As a matter of fact, it was her determination and drive to raise funds for this organization, that caught the eye of the PBR and opened the door for her to travel on behalf of the Rider Relief Fund, as a volunteer. 




To read the full story or to donate by purchasing a shirt, click the links below.  


Alzheimer's Awareness



 Raising money is no easy feat, so when she hits the road for the Pepper Stewart Show she takes the same determination and applies it to each-and-every interview. She's interviewed numerous riders over the past year. Just last week she had the chance to chat with Bonner Blue Bolton, Luis Blanco, and Derek Kolbaba, to name a few. 



 Bonnie showed the same determination during each of the ambassador search rounds too. During each cutting round we witnessed her gain momentum, proving she was in it to win it; and win it she did. She has been a loyal follower from the beginning and a customer, as well. However, we didn't realize how much her spirit and values aligned with ours until the search started. Her inspiring attitude, humble and giving heart, along with her joyous character is exactly what we were looking for. We are proud to have her on the team and blessed beyond measure that someone of her stature wanted to be on ours. 


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