Anastasia Sheppard


Anastasia Sheppard 

Anastasia currently lives in the heart of Philadelphia's skyscrapers. While her inner-city location is riddled with heavy traffic, her home on the other hand, showcases a simpler lifestyle that allows one to stop and smell the roses. It's true, once inside her home you'll find that this city girl is actually a PBR fanatic who loves the country western lifestyle. Her PBR memorabilia, along with a wide collection of continuously growing boots, will show you a side that one wouldn't see at first glance. Her and Lil Cowboy, Anastasia's nine year old son, love traveling all over the US to numerous PBR events and chatting with Riders from across the globe. 


You can read some of those interviews on Anastasia's blog, City Slicker Cowgirl 19114, that showcases numerous interviews she's conducted throughout the season below: 

City Slicker Cowgirl 19114 


Aside from being a phenomenal blogger and mother, she thrives at spreading good ole fashion values, by treating people with the utmost respect and loving kindness. She also has a grit about her that not everyone possesses. When most give up or give in, you can find her pressing in and pushing through. Her Christ like character is what caught our eye during the eliminating rounds of our Ambassador Search. As the challenges grew harder, we noticed her rising to the occasion and surpassing the requirements set to proceed on. Most of all, we noticed how she illuminated our core values; which is God, family, and integrity. 


We are blessed to have a strong woman like her on our team and are proud to see our name embroidered on her rodeo shirts. 


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